Organic Tea


We state unequivocally that we ourselves drink any and all of our teas, and that we do not sell any tea that we have any questions about regarding growing conditions or manufacture.

We’re very picky about what tea we drink, period. And you should be too.

The amount of tea being produced that is ‘certified organic’ by one of the authorized multinational certifying agencies increases every year as consumer interest in this type of production grows. This is good for the tea producers who can recoup that expensive ‘value-added’ fee to their teas’ cost and potentially earn more money back for their tea in the marketplace. However, more and more it is factory-made tea from large companies that bears an organic certification logo – it is not artisan-made village production of premium tea.

For our customers who would like this certification on their tea, we offer teas that have been certified and whose producers are allowed to use the various agencies’ logos – the official organic seal of a recognized certifying agency.

There is more to this story however, and Tea Trekker encourages all tea enthusiasts to also try our offerings of incredible artisanal, authentically-made teas, which, while not carrying organic certification, meet or exceed those qualifications.

It is obviously impossible for most family tea gardens and small producers to pay the expensive fees required for use of the official internationally-recognized logos. However, when tea is sourced carefully, as we do, and the gardens are visited and assessed to be clean either by our visits or colleagues whom we trust, and the tea artisans are manufacturing tea the way that tea has always been manufactured in the small mountain villages and remote towns, that tea is not only clean but full of incredible flavor and character – much of which can never even be hoped for in the large, controlled plantings of more major companies. Both can be good, but given our choice, we will choose the small grower with whom we or our trusted sources have a personal relationship over a large production facility that is growing tea primarily for the ability to display an organic logo and charge more for their tea.

So, in addition to the teas we offer that are certified organic, many of our teas are E.U certified; sourced from the Ethical Tea Partnership; Fair Trade; and other sustainable-growth conscious and environmentally-positive gardens.

This section is limited to teas that bear the official logo of the international certifying agencies, other notations regarding environmental or sustainable growing conditions are noted on the detail pages of individual teas.

For more information about how Tea Trekker sources all of our excellent teas, see our section ‘How we select our tea’.

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