Ceylon Koslanda Estate black tea

Ceylon Koslanda Estate


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Black Tea


Ceylon Koslanda Estate



Grade: orthodox manufacture – OP
: fully-oxidized


Appearance: medium size broken leaf, flinty black, with no tip
Flavor: smooth, brisk, and refreshing
Aroma: English-style hearty ‘black tea’ aroma
Liquor: ruddy, amber-colored liquor, with copper-colored highlights


Koslanda Estate,
Dimbula Region, Sri Lanka

Use 1.5 teaspoons (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
Steep 1 infusion at 3 – 5 minutes
Water temperature should be 190°-200°F

Koslanda Garden Ceylon tea is a classic Ceylon black tea that is excellent for sipping by itself or using to build on to create a custom blend.

It has the brisk, but rich style that one expects in a high-quality Ceylon tea – what we call ‘good astringency’. This means that the ‘pull’ of the leaf comes through most any way that you serve this excellent tea. Bob likes it ‘plain’ to highlight the slight ‘tomato-stem’ aromatic that it has, but many of our tea enthusiast clients prefer a bit of milk in it. Koslanda is grown in the Dimbula tea growing district and is perfectly at ease teamed with sugar, lemon, orange, milk, or sweet dairy such as half-and-half or cream, or honey.

Koslanda is modern-style tea, made into a broken leaf for ease of use and quick steeping. Equally at home in a teacup served hot or a tall glass served icy-cold, Koslanda will yield a full, rich flavor that satisfies even the most discriminating tea lover.

Of course, many of our most avid fans for this tea drink it straight-up – you may want to give that a try!