2015 Spring New Tea

Hooray !

 ~ The first of our fresh 2015 China Spring Teas have arrived ~

Yunnan Sweet Green Threads

Yunnan Sweet White Threads

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Taiwan Winter Oolong

Our fresh 2014 winter oolongs from Taiwan are here.

4-Seasons & Tung Ting
Alishan (gao shan)
Bai Hao

Jin Xuan (gao shan)
Shan Lin Xi ( gao shan)

Hong Cha

Chinese black tea

Explore our glorious
collection of sweet and smooth
Hong Cha

perfect for drinking during the cool days and nights of Autumn

Traditional Tea versus Commodity Tea

Our tea is exceptional. We sell traditionally-made teas that are crafted by experienced tea artisans. Not commodity tea grown by big business.

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Seasonal Tea

Seasonal teas are made just once-a-year for several days to a few short weeks. These teas will not be made again until the same time the following year.

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