• Gao Shan,
    and other
    Taiwan Oolong

     – Diverse, Delicious, and Economical –

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  • Traditional Tea Versus Commodity Tea

    Our tea is exceptional. We sell traditionally-made teas that are crafted by experienced tea artisans. Not ‘commodity’ tea.

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  • Japanese Matcha Bowls

    A range of styles from Raku to Kiyomizu.

    Our collection features both new and vintage tea bowls.

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  • Hong cha
    Dian Hong

    Some of our favorite black teas.


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  • Japanese Teacups

    Shop our selection of teacups from Japan.

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  • Spring Tea

    2020 New Harvest Tea

    – Following significant delays in shipping this spring caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the cyclone, and annual monsoonal rains, we now have most of our fresh, 2020 new harvest tea from East and South Asia in stock –
    – Thank you for your patience and please keep checking this link for current and future arrivals:

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