• New Matcha Bowls from Japan

    Beautiful matcha bowls in stock now…
    Many new shapes and colors to choose from!

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  • Featured tea

    Featured Tea

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    Plus, Liubao now back in stock!

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  • Spring Tea

    2021 New Harvest Tea

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    2021 Spring Tea

  • Gao Shan,
    and other
    Taiwan Oolong

     – Diverse, Delicious, and Economical –

    Shop our selection of Oolong from Taiwan

  • Traditional Tea Versus Commodity Tea

    Our tea is exceptional. We sell traditionally-made teas that are crafted by experienced tea artisans. Not ‘commodity’ tea.

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  • Hong cha
    Dian Hong

    Some of our favorite black teas.


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  • The 2021 Harvest Spring Teas are delicious.
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  • – Happy Birthday Tea Trekker –
    We weighed & sold our first package of loose leaf tea on Aug 22, 1974
    So that makes us 47 years young!

  • The Professors of Tea’
    (New York Times)

    Pure, origin-specific, seasonal leaf teas from China, Japan, India, Nepal, and Taiwan. Sourced by us from tea farms and tea factories that we have visited and air-shipped to us at the time of harvest / manufacture for utmost freshness.

    Individuality, seasonality, regionality and freshness = one great cup of tea!

    - The Professors of Tea (The New York Times)

  • Thank you Tea Trekker for all that you do! You guys will always be my #1 choice as specialty tea vendors, and buying from y’all the past few years feels to me like I am supporting family. You don’t just supply tea, you supply peace of mind!

    - Tyler