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logo-jb_awardtn “Mary Lou and Robert J Heiss …….The Professors of Tea”

– New York Times

The Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guidelogo-iacp_awardtn

  proud to be a finalist in the James Beard Foundation Book Awards & the IACP Cookbook Awards 
and a 1st place Best Tea Book Winner: USA  in the Paris-based Gourmand Awards


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“A game changing book about tea. There are few books about tea that add to the discussion about tea in any meaningful way, but Mary Lou and Robert Heiss’s new book, ‘The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook’ is one of them.
– Austin Hodge,
Seven Cups Tea
“For more than seventy-five years, William H. Ukers’s All About Tea has generally been considered the bible of the tea industry—that is, up until now. THE STORY OF TEA is a sweeping treatise that will serve as required reading for generations of tea professionals and consumers seeking to expand their knowledge.”
– Joseph P Simrany,
President, The Tea Association of the USA
“Mary Lou and Robert J. Heiss take on tea in all of its multilayered complexity. Encompassing history and modernity, fact and lore, they have laid out as complete a book on the tea plant and beverage as has been published in many years. The firsthand experiences shared in this work underpin their obvious love for all things tea, all around the world.”
– Eliot Jordan,
Director of Tea for Peet’s Coffee and Tea
“Excellent, concise advice about tea. The Heisses write with impressive accuracy, having researched and lived the subject extensively. All tea styles are given equal attention and value, which is rarely the case in tea literature, and laid out with clarity and precision.”
– Kevin Gascoyne,
taster/owner of Camellia Sinensis,
in his review for The Art of Eating
“A map to have in your grasp as you head down the dozens of intricate, interconnected paths that define the landscape of the world’s best teas.”
– Fresh Cup Magazine
“The Tea Enthusiast Handbook …… a mini encyclopedia dedicated to all things Camellia sinensis.”
– Imbibe Magazine



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The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook:
A Guide to Enjoying
the World’s Best Teas

The Story of Tea:
A Cultural History & Drinking Guide
Green Tea: 50 Hot Drinks, Cool Quenchers,
and Sweet & Savory Treats
Hot Drinks:
Cider, Coffee, Tea,
Hot Chocolate, Spiced Punch, Spirits