Yak-Attack-lgThe world’s finest teas are nurtured and influenced by the clean, thin air of high mountain elevations. Altitude slows leaf maturation, which results in smaller crop yields, and encourages flavor complexity and delicacy in the cup. Nowhere is this more true than for leaf that is plucked in the soaring elevations of the awe-inspiring and rugged Himalaya. This majestic, holy mountain range cuts a no-nonsense sharp swath through the tea-producing regions of eastern Nepal and northern India (Darjeeling, Dooars, Sikkim) and eastern Nepal.

Historically, these are black teas, and despite their varied origins, they possess a similarity of flavor and style to one another. This is the result of the powerful influence that terroir in these extremely high altitudes exerts on the plants, combined with the cultural preference of the local people in these areas.

All of these teas are blessed with brisk, stylish flavor, and an elusive delicacy. The flavor of some suggests ripe peaches and apricots, while others hint at a spicy, herbaceous style. Himalaya teas are tippy, but they are also not as heavily oxidized as most other black teas, so the appearance of the leaf is darkish-brown rather than black, and elegantly mottled with touches of green or light grey.

Our selections of Nepal teas are made utilizing old-style methodology and hand-skills in an up-to-date tea factory.

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