Nepal Tea

Just a mention of this country’s name evokes strong images: the Himalaya, colorful temples, deeply-cut gorges and tremendous waterfalls, sherpas, colorful textiles, the Dalai Lama, and sure-footed pack animals such as the yak or the Himalayan and Tibetan breeds of horse.

For us here at Tea Trekker, Nepal means extra-ordinary tea – whether our Nepal Dark Heart black tea, High Himalaya Jade Oolong, or the seasonal Nepal Hand-Rolled Green Tea that is so unusual-looking but has the smell and taste of a rural tea market in central China.

Because of its incredible range of micro-climates and large variety of tea plant cultivars that thrive in one or another of them, Nepal is able to manufacture excellent tea in all the major tea classifications: black, green, oolong, and white. And just when we think that we have found a favorite, another sample comes along (from a new year’s harvest, a micro-lot within a harvest, or a unique and special manufacture) and blows us away with its incredible complexity and depth of flavor!

We love working with our tea growers in Nepal and we enjoy every drop of all of the tea we receive from The Roof Of The World.

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