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Huangshan Yun Wu


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Green Tea


Huangshan Yun Wu


Grade: Country green
Oxidation: none
Manufacture: rolled and shaped in a tea firing pan and basket-fired over charcoal


Appearance: medium-sized, slightly twisted & curled, neat and tidy forest green leaf
Flavor: sweet flavor, stronger in overall taste and mouth-feel than the Huangshan Mao Feng Tribute Grade

Aroma:  very prominent and intriguing, slightly nutty
Liquor: very pale golden-amber


Huangshan Tea Gardens
Anhui Province, China

2021 Yu Qian / Before the Rains
2nd Spring Harvesting Season
(April 5th-April 20th)


China Spring Green Tea:


Chinese spring green teas are categorized by four seasonal designations indicating which time in the spring the tea was picked and manufactured. The earlier the tea is plucked the smaller the yield of that tea will be and the more expensive the tea will be. The earliest plucked teas are the most desirable for sweetness and delicacy, and the fever for these teas is high in China as well as in the West. Chinese spring green teas are only plucked once a year in their designated harvesting seasons.


 – Early spring plucked teas:


Pre-Qing Ming tea: 1st Spring Harvesting Season from end of March to before April 5th.


Pre-Qing Ming teas are the first teas plucked each new spring season. Depending on the location and altitude in each tea-producing region, leaf plucking can begin as early as the middle week of March and continue until April 5th.


Pre-Qing Ming teas command the highest prices because the demand for these teas outpaces the supply each spring. This is especially true for Famous Teas such as Gan Lu, Long Ding, Longjing, Lu Shan, Tai Ping Hou Kui, and Zhu Ye Qing.


Yu Qian /Before the Rain tea: 2nd Spring Harvesting Season from April 5th to April 20th


– Late spring plucked teas:


Gu Yu tea: 3rd Spring Harvesting Season from April 21st to May 6th


Li Xia tea: 4th Spring Harvesting Season from May 7th until
May 21st

Use 2 teaspoons (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
Steep 2-3 infusions at 2 minutes each
Water temperature should be 170°F-180°F

Huangshan Yun Wu green tea is from the 2nd tea harvesting season in China known as Yu Qian. It is plucked in April after the Pre-Qing Ming harvest. It is not a ‘Famous Tea’ as is our Huangshan Mao Feng Tribute Grade green tea, but it is however, delicious and substantially less expensive in price.

The cost factor is because there is a 4 week window of pluck time for making this tea rather than only the 2 weeks ( +/ – ) of pluck time for crafting Pre-Qing Ming tea. As a consequence, there is more Yun Wu made than Tribute Grade, and the price reflects this.

For Tea Trekkers who enjoy drinking our other country greens such as Dragon Whiskers, RiverStone, Yangtze Gorges Green and Rizhao, this tea will be a nice addition to your China green tea selection. Huangshan Yun Wu is made from larger, more mature leaf but there is no astringency in the cup. The flavor is more forthright than that of the HSMF Tribute Grade, so this tea is perfect for those who prefer a stronger flavor intensity than is found in the HSMF Tribute Grade.

Yun Wu is a transliteration for “clouds & mist”, a descriptor that refers to teas that are grown in high mountain locations where shifting weather patterns produce daily, nourishing, misty clouds that help to regulate the temperature over the tea gardens. Yun Wu teas can be from any of the green tea-producing provinces in Eastern China, but tea gardens in Anhui Province, in the vicinity of and on the Huangshan mountain range, are particularly well-known for their “clouds & mist” tea.

We are very fond of the sweet, delicious teas grown on and around the venerable Huangshan, so we are thrilled to have such a nice yun wu again this 2021 spring tea season. For those interested in doing so, comparing the taste and flavor differences between the HSMF Tribute Grade and the Yun Wu tea would be an interesting learning opportunity; as would be contrasting the Yun Wu with the ‘country green’ teas such as Yangtze Gorges, En Shi Yu Lu, and Rizhao, or with our ‘other’ famous Clouds &.Mist tea, Lu Shan Yun Wu.

Huangshan Yun Wu is easy to steep and easy to drink. It has a buttery, silky texture, the pleasing flavor so distinctive of Huangshan green tea, and a super-nice, vegetal aroma. It re-steeps well for 1 or 2 additional steepings, depending on the quantity of leaf to water than you are using. This is a glorious tea and one that tastes here just as it does when tasting it in the east-central portion of China. Any of you who remember our beloved Ming Mei tea from years ago will recognize the flavor similarities to this HuangShan Yun Wu. We will have the Ming Mei again in 2021 as we did in 2019 & 2020, so that comparison can be made as well.