Glass Teapot with Textured Handle

Glass Teapot with Textured Handle


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Glass teapot made in Japan
Infuser: removable fine plastic mesh basket strainer (made in China)
Height: approx. 4.25″ (to top of lid)
Functional capacity: 8 oz / 237 ml


This handy glass teapot is made in Japan. It pours well and has a functional capacity of approximately 8oz, making it a good size for steeping all types of tea.  The handle is generously proportioned and well-placed, making it easy to grip for most hands.  The outside of the handle also features a band of raised glass dimples, which add extra grip as well as an interesting decorative touch.

This teapot has a completely open spout and comes with a removable plastic filter insert.  The China-made strainer insert sits low in the teapot and has ample space for tea leaves to unfurl as they steep.  The ‘bottom’ of this strainer is comprised of a very fine plastic mesh whereas the cylinder wall of the strainer is solid plastic, so it is best to load the filter insert with leaf and pour the steeping water through the insert in order to assure that the leaf and water are in contact.  The mesh is fine enough to filter out the smallest of particles. The teapot can also be used without the complimentary filter insert.

One can observe much about tea when it is steeped in a glass teapot – the color of the liquor; the color, condition and leaf-style of the wet leaf, and the appearance of the steeped leaf as it changes during repeated infusions. Of all the materials used for a teapot, glass is possibly the most user-friendly and visually instructive.

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