Teapots from Japan

img-0265_kyushu_whiteTea Trekker works with many potters in Japan so that we can offer beautiful and functional teawares to our clients.

The teapots that we purchase from exporters in Japan or import directly from the artists themselves are all fully functional and are meant to be used for the preparation and enjoyment of tea. To date we feature teapots from several of the important ceramics areas of Japan – Arita, Hagi, and Tokoname.

Teapots may be glazed or not as is the tradition in the area where the teawares originate. In either case you can be certain that the glazes are safe and the clay is pure, and that the teawares are expected to be a positive aspect of your tea-making service.

Japanese sensibility about teawares acknowledges a rich variety of kiln effects, surface designs, clay textures and the unique, personal nature of hand-made items. Appreciation of hand-made teawares can be traced back to the 16th century and Sen Rikyu, the last in a succession of influential Tea Masters that shaped Japanese tea culture. Sen Rikyu was responsible for establishing a Japanese aesthetic for teawares by influencing the fledgling production of teawares during his time towards the natural, the simple, the imperfect and the useful. This spirit lives on today in traditional ceramics.

Tokoname Teapots

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