Teapot Lid Holder


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Made in Japan
2.7″ height
2.5 x 2.7″ wide
2″ lip

Sold individually

When enjoying a tea that doesn’t like to be covered during the resting period in between steepings (most green, yellow & white teas; many oolongs; and generally, as a default, most teas that you would be re-steeping!), this stately teapot lid holder comes in quite handy.  Instead of setting your teapot’s lid down on the countertop or table where it can easily be damaged (or worse: steam damage your nice table) simply rest your teapot’s lid on this holder.  Our teapot lid holder is sturdy and weighs about 5 oz., so it won’t easily tip over.  It is glazed, so will not scuff or scratch your teapot’s lid.

The ‘slot’ into which the lid rests on this holder is approximately 2 inches wide (measured from outer wall to outer wall).  It should be used with lids that are at least 2.25 inches in diameter and reasonably ‘flat’ on the bottom (no ring protruding from the bottom to prevent the lid from sliding out of the teapot opening).


We have rarely seen a professional tea presenter in East Asia who did not have at least one of these in their ‘tool kit’ for serving tea.