Burnt Sienna Arches Matcha Bowl


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Made in Japan

3″ tall
4.75″ wide



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This is a well-proportioned Arita ware matcha bowl.  Arita (sometimes referred to as Imari) is an ancient and very famous pottery region of Japan located on Kyushu Island in the southern portion of the archipelago. Originally, Arita ware was known for blue under-glazed and multi-colored over-glazed porcelain. Today, potters craft a wide range of clay items that vary from simple and functional to highly decorated and artistic.

The burnt sienna hue that decorates the bowl has a nice soft sheen.  Portions of the bowl have been left unglazed, allowing lovely mottled orange with dark fleck-colored clay to take center stage.  There are three arch patches on both the bowl’s interior and exterior that roughly ‘line-up’ with one another, creating a nice visual when one views the bowl from an angle.  The bowl has a pleasant sueded feel in the hand, with the unglazed portions being slightly more textured.  The weight is substantial, without feeling heavy.  It has a nice footring and is raised just high enough to allow you to slide your fingers under the bowl when you pick it up.

A unique bowl whose earthy and natural tones will complement the color of your freshly whisked matcha.

NOTE: Each of these matcha bowls features this glaze in the colors shown.  Bear in mind that each individual tea bowl will be its own unique expression of this glaze/color palette.