Assam Kama Black tea

Assam Kama Black


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Black tea


Assam Kama Black


Grade: orthodox manufacture – TGFOP-1
Oxidation: fully-oxidized

Appearance: fine, large leaf, with a slender twist & some contrasting tip
Flavor: malty, raisin-y, slightly nutty flavor
Aroma: straightforward, clean aroma with hints of stone fruit peel
Liquor: claret-amber colored liquor



Assam State, India

1st Flush  (April, May)

Use 1 Tablespoon (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
Steep 1 infusion at 2 – 3 minutes.
Water temperature should be 195°F-205°F


Tasting Notes:

Kama Black will re-steep in the manner of a green tea or oolong (when the initial steeping is 3 minutes or less). We recommend that a second steeping be for at least 3 or 4 minutes in order to coax that extra bonus of flavor from the leaf. Kama Black is also really delicious when steeped only once for 5+ minutes ( it will not bolt or become harsh or astringent ! ).
Being a fairly large leaf tea, Kama Black requires a larger measure ( by volume ) than most ‘normal’ small leaf or CTC Assam black teas. It is important to use at least 1 Tablespoon of leaf for every 6 oz of water. This is the normal 2 grams of leaf that is suggested for all black teas, and is reflected in the larger bag of tea that is needed to contain 4oz of leaf. For those who weigh their tea, we usually use 2.5 to 3 grams of leaf, but that is how we like it, and we always re-steep it, so there is incredible value in this tea.


We are particularly fond of large-leaf, orthodox Assam teas, and Kama Black is a classic example of this style of tea manufacture.

It is very exciting to have this tea back in our line-up after too many years without it. Our 2021 version of Assam Kama Black is just slightly smaller in overall size than it was the last time we were able to source this delicious tea (2018); however, our current offering is even more glorious than its predecessor due to the excellence of this year’s harvest.

Tea Trekker’s Assam Kama Black tea is malty in flavor but also very clean and jewel-like in the cup. The tea is comprised of large, fine leaves that have been given a slender twist, highlighted with a small amount of contrasting tip. Both the leaf and the tips become more apparent when the tea is steeped. In many ways, this leaf is the perfect size for a modern black tea. It is large enough to be considered ‘large’, without being so large that it is difficult to measure, and it is small enough to be totally ‘user friendly’ in every way.

The steeped tea has the classic Assam malty flavor, but the tea liquor is a clear, claret-amber color and is jewel-like in the cup. The overall flavor is deep and yet the style is bright – a winning combination in a large leaf Assam tea. There is a slightly raisin-y and nutty taste that lays over the core flavor that is clean and refreshing. The aroma is straightforward and somewhat light, with absolutely no ‘must’ evident in the focused aromatic.

Tasting Notes: see the accordion drop-down under ‘Steeping Instructions’