Alishan Hand-Plucked Black 2020

Black Tea

Origin:  Alishan Tea Harvesting District, Chiayi County, Taiwan

Tea garden elevation:  4,200 feet


Manufacture: traditional black tea manufacture
Oxidation: fully-oxidized

Appearance: slender strip-style tea made from large tender buds
Flavor: our Alishan black tea has a cherry pip fruity-ness that is underscored with a peaty, woody-ness that keeps the fruit in check
Aroma: the aroma is not the expected Alishan gao shan high-floral but instead something minerally, earthy and dry, but not austere
Liquor: golden-light red colored liquor

NOTE: This tea has been ‘Rested’. It may be drunk as it is now, rested longer, or it can be ‘refreshed’ at any time with a slight roasting.