Yixing Shui Bian Teapot

Yixing Shui Bian Teapot


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Made in Jiangsu Province, China
High Fired Old Duan Ni unglazed clay


Artist:  Wang De Ming


Strainer-type:  9 hole strainer


Packaging: wrapped in a silk-fabric travel pouch, packed in a presentation box


Height:  2.6″ tall (to top of lid)


Functional capacity:  3 oz / 89 ml

This teapot has a lovely low and bulbous shape with a gracefully curved spout and handle.  The clay is a mottled mixture of reddish-brown and dark grey, with the dark grey portions having an almost metallic sheen.  Its curvy shape is well-suited for this clay, as it allows light to reflect in different ways across the pot.  The entire pot is covered in what at first glance appears to be numerous black specks.  After closer inspection, you’ll notice the black dots are actually tiny air holes in the clay.  Despite the presence of these holes, the surface is very smooth.  The pot is highly porous and very lightweight.  It is well-made, with a tight-fitting lid and well-shaped body that is comfortable to hold.    Wang De Ming has signed the pot in four places: the bottom of the pot, base of the handle, the underside of the lid, and on the inside wall.  An eye-catching, artisan-made Yixing teapot that pours and handles well; it would serve as a great addition to your collection.

This teapot comes wrapped in a protective silk-fabric pouch with a drawstring closure, and is packaged in a cushioned presentation box with a magnetic closure.  The pouch is perfect for storing the pot between uses to ward off scratches and dust.  All photos are of the actual pot that is for sale (we only have one, so act quickly!).

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