Yixing Lotus Blossom Lid Teapot


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Made in China
Unglazed clay


Strainer-type:  7 hole strainer


Packaging: wrapped in a silk-fabric travel pouch, no box


Best for steeping:  semiball-rolled & strip style oolong, Pu-erh


Height:  2.5″ tall (to top of lid)


Functional capacity:  4.5 oz / 133 ml

This little teapot is one of several that we purchased in China in the early 2000’s.  It was our intention to sell this teapot in the store, but it was put into our warehouse and just recently discovered.  The pot has a nice rounded shape and features lotus motif decorative touches on the lid and spout. It is well made and substantial in feeling, and will take on a nice patina after use with some excellent Tea Trekker oolong or Pu-erh.

We do not know anything about it, but can tell from the feel that it is slab molded, not slip cast.  It pours well and is in perfect condition. We suggest following our instructions (linked below) for cleaning or ‘raising’ a teapot as we are not sure if this had been done when we purchased it.

Our Yixing Lotus Blossom Lid Teapot comes wrapped in a protective silk-fabric pouch with a drawstring closure and is packaged in a cardboard box.  The pouch is perfect for storing the pot between uses to ward off scratches and dust.  All photos are of the actual pot that is for sale (we only have one, so act quickly!).

This is a great opportunity to own a nice Yixing teapot for a modest price.

Please Note:  We have carefully photographed this item as best as possible – please be aware that different device screens can render colors and subtle tones slightly differently.

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