Tieguanyin Traditional-Style

Oolong Tea


Origin:  Anxi Region, Fujian Province, China


Tea bush varietal / cultivar: Tieguanyin
Style/ Shape
: semiball-rolled leaf style with few stems
Plucking Style: hand-plucked
Oxidation: 65-75% oxidation
Roasting: medium roasting


Appearance: semiball-rolled leaf, having a good percentage of the deep rich ‘old leather’ brown /mahogany-colored leaf from the roasting
Flavor: mellow, roasty-toasty rich flavor with significant ‘woodiness’
Aroma: a delightful melange of charcoal, cocoa, chocolate, and earthy-ness
Liquor: deep amber colored liquor that darkens noticeably after the 2nd steeping