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Oni Shino Teacup


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Made in Japan
Height: 3.75″
Functional capacity: 10 oz / 296 ml

This is a tall, substantial, teacup decorated with a wonderfully fluid oni shino glaze.  While the interior of this cup is perfectly smooth and glazed completely, the exterior retains the well-spaced ridges produced during the forming of the cup. These ridges now serve as finger holds, making this large cup easy to grip.  They also create the perfect landscape for the snowy white glaze to flow across, drip down and pool within.  A very fine craze pattern (network of small lines), is present throughout the glaze, giving it dimension and adding to its visual appeal.

This cup will serve well when used either as a vessel for tea with a meal, or for those wanting to linger over a cup of tea for a while without needing to refill it. The cup’s white interior will ensure that no matter what type of tea is poured into it, the liquor will shine, and its appearance will be enticing.  It is hefty, durable and will hold heat well.


Please Note:
Slight variations in the painting, colors, tooling, patterning and kiln effects of Chinese and Japanese tea wares are to be expected. We have carefully photographed this item as best as possible – please be aware that different device screens can render colors and subtle tones slightly differently.

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