Korean Bamboo Strainer


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Bamboo & linen
Made in Korea
approximately 2″ diameter
approximately 6.5″ – 7″ long
Price is for one strainer

This is an attractive pass-through strainer carved from a section of bamboo, with a piece of linen serving as the filtering mechanism.  This type of strainer is necessary for many East Asian green teas and semiball-rolled oolongs that ‘shed’ trapped particles as they steep.

The handles are nice and long, so the strainer can accommodate larger diameter teawares.  It will comfortably rest on the top of many teacups or serving pitchers as you pour your steeped tea through it to filter out any released fine particles.

These are examples…each one is unique and will be similar to, but not identical to, the ones pictured.

Price is for one strainer.