Jolon’s Blend™



Blended Black Tea


Origin:  A woodsy and earth-centered tea with abundant qi.  A careful blend that expresses the synergy of these sources of origin for the teas chosen for this blend:

  • the lofty Himalaya region of Nepal
  • river valley lands watered by the mighty Brahmaputra River in Assam, India
  • tea gardens under the influence of the majestic Huangshan Mts. in Anhui Province, China
  • old growth tea forests of Yunnan Province in southwestern China


Manufacture: traditional black tea manufacture from several tea-producing regions, combined with a significant percentage of dark tea, which are also selected by Tea Trekker for use in this blend


Appearance: mixed sizes of orthodox leaf
Flavor: deep, rich and complex flavor
Aroma: earthy, clean, woodsy aroma
Liquor: red-amber colored liquor