Jin Jun Mei Wild black tea

Jin Jun Mei Wild-Grown


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Black Tea


Jin Jun Mei Wild-Grown (Beautifully Elegant Eyebrows)


Grade: tippy, fine pluck
Manufacture: orthodox hong cha manufacture
Oxidation: fully-oxidized


Appearance: elegantly-slender, handsome ‘eyebrow’ shape, comprised of significant non-contrasting tip
Flavor: robust, smooth & creamy, sweet flavor with a caramel-like finish
Aroma: pure, rich, direct, not-too-sweet black tea aroma with hints of burnt sugar
Liquor: deep red-amber liquor with tints of copper around the edge


Wu Yi Shan
Fujian Province, China

2019 Spring Pluck (April)

Use 1 Tablespoon (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
Steep 1 infusion at 3-5 minutes
Water temperature should be 190°F-200°F


Steeping Tip:


This rich black tea is able to be steeped more than one time, especially if the initial steeping is less than four minutes. We do not recommend over-steeping this tea during any one particular steeping.

We are extremely excited to have this ‘brother’ of our ‘regular’, ‘real McCoy’ Jin Jun Mei from a trusted source, for the same price. Yes these two teas are more expensive than some other black teas, but they should be – there is a very small supply of them and they are both wonderfully full of concentrated flavor. There are numerous oolongs, white and green teas that cost much more than this; we in the West are just not as familiar with expensive black teas.

Jin Jun Mei black tea is a famous black tea from the Wu Yi Mountains in Fujian Province in eastern China. This particular small-lot version shows how a traditional tea master can transform well-tended, premium-quality wild-grown leaf into an elegant, deeply-flavored finished tea that quickly attains world-class status alongside its modern cousin.

Slender and with a slight twist (thus explaining the English translation of its name) this medium-sized, bud-only pluck is perfect for yielding a delicious black tea. The careful withering, hand-rolling, and firing of this leaf brings out the wonderful flavors that the terroir of the mountains of eastern China have for the tea bushes that thrive there. Being a bud-only pluck (similar to several premium white and green teas) it requires 50,000 buds to manufacture 500 grams (slightly more than 1 lb). An experienced tea plucker can harvest about 2,000 buds a day, so to make about a pound of this tea requires the full day’s work of more than 25 tea pluckers. This is one reason why bud-only teas must be more expensive than other teas.

The smell and taste of black tea and strip style ooloongs from the eastern provinces of China are unique, distinct, and particular to this historic tea region of China. Jin Jun Mei is made in several places in this part of China, but the terroir of the remote, protected mountainsides of the Wu Yi Mountains provides the depth of flavor in its dark oolongs and black teas that we love. Here, the historic and sometimes ancient tea bush cultivars used to manufacture many fine black teas and oolongs in this area are readily adaptable to manufacturing a contemporary, modern-style sweet hong cha from wild-grown leaf material. And so we have this Wild-Grown Jin Jun Mei to offer you.

This tea is so excellent and revered by tea enthusiasts in China such that even in China there are copycat teas being made in this style. We have seen tea that goes by this name (or by a similar description) selling in urban areas of China and the U.S. for upwards of $300.00 per lb. There is a hot market in China for fashionable new teas and Jin Jun Mei is an example of that. We source ours very carefully so that neither you nor we need to worry about the authenticity of our offering.

When you compute the per-cup price based on our price per pound, Tea Trekker’s Jin Jun Mei calculates to 70 cents per cup if you steep the leaf once and 35 cents per cup if you steep it twice. Sometimes it is possible to obtain a third steeping, so that makes this tea ridiculously inexpensive!!

Here at Tea Trekker we think that this tea is arguably the best value in our whole catalogue of teas right now. Supply is limited, so if you are intrigued don’t wait too long to try this spectacular tea.