Irish Breakfast blended black tea

Irish Breakfast Tea


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-Sept 2020: Back to the Original Blend-


Black Tea


Irish Breakfast Tea


Expertly Blended by Tea Trekker


100%  South Asian black teas

Grade: Mixed CTC and orthodox leaf
Oxidation: fully-oxidized


Appearance: long leaf, cut leaf, and some medium leaf, too! Our blend intends to bring lots of flavor to the cup!
Flavor: deep, malty flavor
Aroma: dark and biscuity
Liquor: dark amber liquor with a highlight of gold


100%  South Asian black teas

Use 2 teaspoons (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
We recommend a 3-4 minute steeping for our Irish Breakfast Tea
Water temperature should be 190°F-200°F


Steeping Tip: steep longer if you prefer tea that you can ‘trot a mouse on’

Irish Breakfast tea – the very name makes one thirsty! Hearty, malty, and full of flavour, Irish Breakfast tea is a foundation blend in the black tea family dating back to the late 17th century.

We begin the blending of our Irish Breakfast tea with several sturdy Assam teas, both orthodox and CTC style. Then we add to that base several other of our feisty and forthright Indian black teas, to craft an Irish Breakfast tea that will stand up to dilution by milk or cream (the ‘usual’ drinking style of our Irish Breakfast customers).

Following several adjustments to the blend during the pandemic this spring & summer of 2020 due to supply line difficulties, we are now thankfully back to our ‘original’ formula…as of late September 2020. Let’s hope this can continue!!

We want our Irish Breakfast tea to be noticeable, full-bodied, and with a deep, malty flavor that satisfies. Perhaps it strives to be the Harp beer of black tea!

On a cold winter’s morning nothing takes the chill off as this tea does, but it also excels as a thirst-quenching cold tea with sweetener and lemon.