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Iced Tea Blend


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Blended Black Tea


Iced Tea Blend


Expertly Blended by Tea Trekker

mixed sizes of orthodox leaf
Oxidation: fully-oxidized

Flavor: brisk and rich
Aroma: pure and clean
Liquor: golden orange/red colored tea liquor


100% South Asian and China teas

Use 2 teaspoons (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
We recommend a 4-5 minute steeping for our Iced Tea Blend
Water temperature should be 190°F-200°F

Iced Tea Blend – cool, clear and refreshing! What we want in our glass of iced tea is a beverage that sparkles and sings with flavor and that is clean and bright to the eye. It first must tolerate dilution with ice, then any of the following additions to the glass: dairy, lemon,  sweetener, sprigs of fresh mint or lemon verbena, and still have plenty of residual flavor to deliver a refreshing flavor.

Teas that are good candidates for iced tea must have a certain chemistry and amino acid structure that results in tea liquor that has both clarity of appearance and directness of flavor. The cloudier the iced tea the less flavor it will have and the duller it will look in the glass.

We think that our Iced Tea Blend fulfills this mission.