Glass Small Teapot


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Made in China
Height: approx. 3.1″ (to top of lid)
Functional capacity: 3.4 oz / 100 ml


This lovely little glass teapot is made in China. It pours well and features a coiled internal stainless steel strainer.  The strainer attaches to the spout and is removable for cleaning.

One can observe much about tea when it is steeped in a glass teapot – the color of the liquor; the color, condition and leaf-style of the wet leaf, and the appearance of the steeped leaf as it changes during repeated infusions. Of all the materials used for a teapot, glass is possibly the most user-friendly and visually instructive.

We think that every tea enthusiast should have one of these very handy little teapots in their collection of necessary tea equipment.