Earl Grey scented black tea

Earl Grey Tea


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Scented Black Tea


Earl Grey Tea


Expertly blended & scented by Tea Trekker


Oxidation: fully-oxidized


Appearance: medium-sized mixed orthodox leaf from China & South Asian teas
Flavor: smooth, fruity flavor, redolent of Bergamot oil. Quite refreshing and flavorful served hot or iced
Aroma: fresh, zesty natural citrus aroma
Liquor: dark amber-colored liquor tinged with coppery highlights (there is a slight oil sheen on the surface from the Bergamot)


Scented Black Tea
100% China & South Asian teas
Proudly scented & blended by Tea Trekker every week
We use natural (not artificial) Bergamot Oil, pressed from citrus fruit that is grown in Italy

Use 2 teaspoons (2-3 grams) per 6 oz of water
We recommend a 3-4 minute steeping for our Earl Grey; infuse for a shorter time if you want more citrus, a longer time if you want more depth of flavor.
The water temperature should be 190°F-200°F


Steeping Tip:


The longer a flavored or scented tea is steeped the more the base flavor of the tea will dominate and the less the ‘perfume’ of the scenting or flavoring will be evident.

Our Earl Grey is simply superb. We start by carefully-crafting a blend of full-bodied black teas. Then we scent our blended tea base with 100% natural Italian oil of Bergamot (it is expelled from the fresh citrus fruit and has no preservatives!) so that our Earl Grey Tea has just the right level of citrus-y snap. We blend and scent our Earl Grey Tea right here in the shop, generally about once a week, so that the Earl Grey you purchase from us is at its peak of flavor.

Our level of scenting is fairly high, but not overpowering. We do not add bits of dried flowers or artificial flavoring or fillers into our Earl Grey. Many other tea vendors add lavender, rose, Lapsang Souchong or other secondary flavors to their Earl Grey. We do not add anything but Italian oil of Bergamot, preferring to blend simply the classic Earl Grey for you.

We hesitated at first from placing our Earl Grey in the ‘Our Picks’ category, because we can hardly keep up with blending it, but it is so delicious and popular that we yield to the legions of fans who drink it regularly.