Ceylon Kenilworth Garden black tea

Ceylon Kenilworth Garden


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Black Tea


Ceylon Kenilworth Garden


Grade: orthodox manufacture – OP
Oxidation: fully-oxidized


Appearance: flinty black leaf, large orthodox leaf, gently twisted shape, no contrasting tip
Flavor: smooth and brisk and refreshing
Aroma: direct, essential, pure English-style ‘black tea’ aroma
Liquor: clear, red-ruby-amber-colored liquor


Kenilworth Gardens
Kandy Region, Sri Lanka

Use 2 teaspoons (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
Steep 1 infusion 3-5 minutes
Water temperature should be 190°F-200°F


Steeping Tip:


Kenilworth Garden leaf is significantly larger (and therefore bulkier) than most Ceylon tea leaf, so a generous measure is required when steeping the tea. However, one will easily obtain the usual number of measures per weight (+/- 50 cups per quarter-pound), as its bulkiness transfers over to the larger-than-usual size of its package by weight. It is not unheard-of to be able to steep a second cup from the same leaf of Kenilworth Garden, especially if less water is used for this re-steeping or a pinch of fresh leaf is added to boost up the flavor.

Wow! This tea is gorgeous in appearance – it has the wiry twist of an extra long leaf. It has a traditional and classic Ceylon clarity and flavor in the cup. The clarity is remarkable – an absolutely perfect dark ruby in the cup. This is that old-fashioned ‘cup of tea’ of one’s tea memory from an earlier time. Smooth, smooth, smooth, with a sparkle of the flavor of Ceylon’s distinctive terroir

Kenilworth Garden tea is one of the best-known of the Ceylon offerings. Classically straight-forward and purely flavored, it is generous in the cup, in the style that made Ceylon tea famous as a reliable tea: good for all occasions and all treatments.

Distinctive for its elegant leaf structure and flinty, even coloration, Kenilworth Garden tea has style, clarity and a short finish for those who do not want their tea to linger on the palate.

Kenilworth Garden tea is particularly well-flavored when lemon is added, with or without sweetener, but Tea Trekker does not generally add milk to it (although many of our clients do). It is also delicious served cold or when used for sweet tea in the southern fashion.