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Curled Dragon Silver Tips (Pan Long Yin Hao)


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Green Tea


Curled Dragon Silver Tips (Pan Long Yin Hao)



Oxidation: none
Manufacture: hot-air fired


Appearance: spiral-rolled leaf style with significant, non-contrasting tip
Flavor: rich, vegetal, classic ‘tea’ flavor
Aroma: clean, earthy, and satisfying
Liquor: deep straw-colored



Zhejiang Province, China

2021 Yu Qian / Before the Rains
2nd Spring Harvesting Season
(April 5th-April 20th)


China Spring Green Tea:


Chinese spring green teas are categorized by four seasonal designations indicating which time in the spring the tea was picked and manufactured. The earlier the tea is plucked the smaller the yield of that tea will be and the more expensive the tea will be. The earliest plucked teas are the most desirable for sweetness and delicacy, and the fever for these teas is high in China as well as in the West. Chinese spring green teas are only plucked once a year in their designated harvesting seasons.


 – Early spring plucked teas:



Pre-Qing Ming tea: 1st Spring Harvesting Season from end of March to before April 5th.


Pre-Qing Ming teas are the first teas plucked each new spring season. Depending on the location and altitude in each tea-producing region, leaf plucking can begin as early as the middle week of March and continue until April 5th.


Pre-Qing Ming teas command the highest prices because the demand for these teas outpaces the supply each spring. This is especially true for Famous Teas such as Gan Lu, Long Ding, Longjing, Lu Shan, Tai Ping Hou Kui, and Zhu Ye Qing.


Yu Qian (Before the Rain) tea: 2nd Spring Harvesting Season from April 5th to April 20th


 – Late spring plucked teas:


Gu Yu tea: 3rd Spring Harvesting Season from April 21st to May 6th


Li Xia tea: 4th Spring Harvesting Season from May 7th until May 21st



Use 2 teaspoons (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
Steep 2-3 infusions at 2 minutes each
Water temperature should be 170°F-180°F

Curled Dragon Silver Tips tea is one of our deeply flavorful Chinese green teas that bridges the flavor profiles of the harvests of the two early spring seasons. Delightfully rich, this delicious tea is for all green tea lovers: the taste enthusiast, the novice, or a convert from stronger beverages such as black tea or coffee. CDST harvest is normally at the very end of March or in early April, right on the cusp of the time frames for both Pre-Qing Ming and Yu Qian designation.

Curled Dragon Silver Tips is an extremely well-made tea, and a good example of the high level of hand-work that is customarily found in tea from Zhejiang Province. Distinctive for its tightly-curled form and the silver tips that peek out from the small spirals, this tea is in high demand both in China and Europe. It is lovely to observe both in its dry form and when in its various stages of rehydration when being steeped and re-steeped.

This tea is much-copied but never equaled, its unique flavor a result of the specific cultivar grown for it plus the particular growing region from which it comes, combined with the intricate manufacturing technique required to form its remarkable shape. Many teas are offered under this name; however, only a few are manufactured properly and are the authentic tea. We are fortunate that we have been sourcing this tea for several decades from its original terroir, and so have excellent suppliers for this remarkable and historically important green tea.

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