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Casa – one cup stainless steel tea filter


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Stainless Steel mesh tea filter
Fits cups 2.16″ (5.5 cm) in diameter
2″ deep
3.875″ diameter (includes rim)
Perfect for medium-sized and large teacups, and some teapots

This infuser is a sure thing for steeping tea in tea cups of various sizes.  The collar is decorated with several tea leaf-shaped cutouts, and is wide enough to fit most large and medium-sized teacups.

They are particularly helpful when steeping tea leaves that will be re-steeped, such as green tea, oolong, and Pu-erh. You can ‘pull’ the strainer, temporarily rest it in a second cup, and then replace the strainer with the leaves inside back into the original teapot or cup and pour more water over the leaf to steep the second (or third, etc) quantity.

Although we sell these primarily for use with teacups, they may also work in some teapots.