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Assam Kacharigaon Tea Estate


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Black Tea


Assam Kacharigaon Tea Estate


: medium-cut CTC manufacture – BOPSM
CTC = Cut / Torn / Curled (the ‘broken’ tea grades)
Oxidation: fully-oxidized


Appearance: traditional-cut, mid-sized CTC leaf
Flavor: malty, earthy, woodsy, very smooth flavor
Aroma: earthy aroma with nutty undertones and a hint of smokiness
Liquor: golden-edged, red-amber liquor tinged with copper


Rangapara Town, Sonitpur District
Assam State, India

2nd Flush (April, May)

Use 1 teaspoon (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
Steep 1 infusion at 2-3 minutes
Water temperature should be 195°F-205°F


Tasting notes:


Because of the traditional particle size of this CTC, we tend to use a classic measure of this tea, but don’t hesitate to vary the measure for your own preference. The shelf life of this CTC manufacture tea is quite long and the steep time is best kept fairly short (2-3 minutes) making it perfect for chai blends that use fine-cut spices. We at Tea Trekker have been known to let this tea steep for a good long time (5-6 mins) to bring out some special deep flavors that otherwise might be missed. This steeping style will not become astringent when steeping this tea, as it would for most other CTC-style Assam teas that you might be tempted to steep for that long.

** We were recently able to source another small amount of this customer-favorite tea.
It is not clear how long it will be with us, but while it is we expect that its many fans will be quite happy!** rjh July 1, 2021

Tea Trekker’s Kacharigaon Estate CTC Assam tea is definitely worth a long look and attentive tasting! This delicious CTC Assam is quite possibly the finest CTC-style Assam that we have ever offered (certainly true in the last decade). It has a wonderful depth of flavor from a long growing season. We tend to favor Assam tea from the 2nd Flush and Autumnal Flush because of the richness these teas have.

It has a hearty, full-bodied style that Tea Trekker finds wonderfully satisfying. Our current offering of Kacharigaon Assam tea has an expansive flavor that is quite intriguing. It has an earth-floor, woodsy, and toasty flavor. There is just a hint of smokiness in the aroma and background taste.

For those who were fans of the Black Nuggets that we carried for years, this CTC tea is a bit different, in that it is a much more full-bodied and smooth alternative, and is softer than most CTC-style Assam teas. Our Kacharigaon Estate Assam is excellent when drunk ‘plain’, but a small amount of milk or sweetener can be added, or spices added to create a masala chai, or it can be iced (this tea will cloud when cold).

The premium CTC-style Assam teas such as ours are perfect for many chai blends and also those who prefer a quick-steeping, strong black tea in the Irish Breakfast tradition, because ‘the better the leaf tea the better the cup of tea‘. The particle size of both of our current offerings in CTC-style Assam teas are excellent for chai due to their rapid steeping time, which will pair well with the steep time for any added spices. If using ground spices the Monkhooshi is best and if using chopped spices, then this, the Kacharigaon Estate, will be best. For those of you who make chai by steeping the tea leaf separately from the spices, then one of our orthodox Assam teas may be a better choice.

Outstanding tea can be grown in the Sonitpur region, on the northern banks of the Brahmaputra River, in the eastern-middle of Assam State in northeastern India, and this tea is some of that.

The shelf life of this CTC manufacture tea is quite long and the steep time is best kept fairly short (2-3 minutes) making it perfect for chai blends that use fine-cut spices. We here at Tea Trekker are also known to steep this tea for 5-6 mins, and receive from that quite a hefty, concentrated tea. The particle size of this CTC is larger than that of our Monkhooshi Estate Assam tea and is very similar to the old ‘Black Nuggets’. It is a quite traditional particle size for a CTC-style.