Yunnan Sweet White Threads white tea

Yunnan Sweet White Threads


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White Tea


Yunnan Sweet White Threads



Appearance: Bud-only pluck with a slight, open twist
Flavor: nutty & smooth, crisp & dry flavor notes
Aroma: pleasantly soft & distinctive aroma of fresh Yunnan leaf
Liquor: clear liquor tending towards silvery-grey color



Yunnan Province, China

2020 Pre-Qing Ming
1st Harvesting Season
(early March this year)


China Early spring plucked teas:


Pre-Qing Ming tea:


1st Spring Harvesting Season from end of March to before April 5th Pre-Qing Ming teas are the first teas plucked each new spring season. Depending on the location and altitude in each tea-producing region, leaf plucking can begin as early as the middle week of March and continue until April 5th. Pre-Qing Ming teas command the highest prices because the demand for these teas outpaces the supply each year. This is especially true for the Famous Teas such as Long Ding and Longjing, and the fever for these teas is high in China as well as in the West.


Yu Qian (Before the Rain) tea:


2nd Spring Harvesting Season: from April 5th to April 20th


Late spring plucked teas:


Gu Yu tea: 3rd Spring Harvesting Season from April 21st to May 6th
Li Xia tea: 4th Spring Harvesting Season from May 7th until May 21st

img-more_seasonal Seasonal Teas Explained

Use 1 Tablespoon (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
Steep 2-3 infusions at 2 minutes each
Water temperature should be 170°F

For the first time in 8+ years, Sweet White Threads was not one of the first teas to reach our store from the new spring’s harvest. We are thrilled to have this tea at all this year, even though it was delayed by serious shipping issues due to the reduction in shipping possiblilities because of the pandemic this spring. Shipping several of our teas that come from deep interior China was not an easy feat and is still not back to ‘normal’. We know that all of our customers who were waiting patiently until the day of its arrival are excited that it is here and a part of our excellent 2020 collection. We are happy to be able to hold the price the same as last year’s too.

Yunnan Sweet White Threads earns its name with its small, thread-like buds. If you look closely at the Sweet White Threads you will notice that the shape of the exquisitely-formed tea buds have an undertone of soft, light grey coloring; the visual mark of light oxidation and a hallmark of Chinese white tea. This color gives the tea a very soft, ethereal appearance.

This is a very fresh, aromatic tea. It was plucked around March 11th when the tea season was just beginning in Yunnan Province. Our Yunnan Sweet White Threads tea has a unique core flavor that is a result of the special nature of the tea bushes indigenous to southwestern Yunnan Province. Because of the classic white tea slight oxidation and the tight curl, this tea will retain it s fresh flavor for several years, and often improve with a year or so of ‘resting’.

The aroma and flavor of the tea liquor has an undercurrent of sugar cane, apple, and green grapes with fleeting hints of a light black tea: tell-tale signs that confirm its lightly-oxidized manufacture as a white tea. This early spring white tea is overall lighter in flavor than the historic white teas from Fujian Province in Eastern China. It is airy, sweet, and clean, and very fresh tasting.

Upon steeping,  this tea’s liquor is bright and clear in the cup and very focused. This tea is perfect for those who do not want a lingering aftertaste, but rather enjoy the fleeting moments of flavor that are revealed with each sip.

After the 1st steeping, take a peek inside your gaiwan or teapot to admire the appearance of the re-hydrated buds. They will have returned to the natural appearance they had as just-plucked fresh leaf: thin and perfectly shaped. This tea is a wonderful example of the tea artist’s craft and the care given to premium, artisan tea during manufacture.