Yixing Teapot Cleaning Cloth


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Professional Microfiber
Made in China
11.5″ x 11.5″
Teapot not included

Whenever we visit China we look for these exact cloths which are super absorbent and super soft. One of our Chinese colleages leave one of these cloths folded up underneath his Yixing teapot and in between pours of tea he will tap the bottom of the pot on the cloth to catch any drips that are gathering. These cloths are also used for drying the outside of Yixing tepots after use so that water spots do not develope on the outside of the teapot. After that, just leave the lid off and let the teapot sit on the cloth to air dry. These cloths are generous in size, so they can also be used to wrap teawares for storage or safe travel.