Yixing Teapot Brush


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Wooden Handle
Made in China
6.25″ long

The quality of these teapot brushes is very nice – the wooden handles have been given a few simple but pleasing decorative ‘turns’ and the bristles are soft.
Brushes such as these (with soft bristles) are used primarily in eastern China to ‘buff’ the surface of Yixing teapots after water (or dilute tea) has been poured over the teapots to maintain temperature during gong-fu style tea steeping. Brushing keeps water spots from forming on the surface of the teapots and, when used regularly, will, over time,  contribute a nice polished shine to the surface of the clay.
This type of brush can also be used to safely remove bits of tea that stubbornly cling to the inside of the teapot after steeping. Rinse the brush with water and simply air dry after use.

Price is for one brush.