NEW! Tea Scoop – Cherry Bark with Leaf

Tea Scoop – Cherry Bark with Leaf


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Made in Japan
3.2″ long
1.15″ wide

Scoops are sold individually

This attractive utensil is made from cherry bark and features a real dried leaf impressed into the bark.  Since real leaves are used to create each peice, the design will vary greatly from scoop to scoop.  Some have one small leaf placed in the center, others one large leaf cut into two sections and placed on both halves, while some have two small leaves.

It will make scooping loose leaf tea leaves out of our zip lock packages and into your strainer a breeze.  It is especially usefully for scooping up fine and dense leaf teas such as senchas or semi-ball rolled oolongs.  To clean, wipe with a soft dry cloth.  Avoid wiping with anything abrasive, as this may scratch the natural finish of the cherrybark or damage the design.

Kabazaiku, or cherry bark work, was developed as a craft during the 18th century in Akita Prefecture, Japan. It is still popular today and owes it appeal to the humble and natural beauty of the bark. Thin layers of bark are carefully culled from wild cherry trees, and used to create lovely decorative items such as tea containers, scoops and trays.  The natural markings of cherry bark adds a pleasant appearance while the glossy sheen of the bark lends a touch of elegance.