NEW! Tea Scoop - Green Bamboo

Tea Scoop – Green Bamboo


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Made in China
7″ long
1.5″ wide

This attractive utensil is carved from a section of natural green bamboo. It will make scooping loose leaf tea leaves out of our zip lock packages, a tall tin (or other decorative container) a breeze. It is especially useful for scooping up fine and dense leaf teas such as senchas or semi-ball rolled oolongs.  The bottom of the scoop is carved flat and smooth, so it can also function as a tea presentation vessel.  To clean, wipe with a soft dry cloth. Avoid wiping it with anything abrasive, as this may scratch the natural finish of the bamboo, or soaking it in a liquid.

In China this scoop is seen only in the finest teahouses or as a tool for elegant, presentation tea service.

A fun and attractive, yet practical addition to your teaware toolset.