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Stainless Steel Tea Filter with Two ‘Wing’ Handles


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Stainless Steel mesh tea filter
2.4″ tall
2.95″ diameter
4.75″ long (from wing end to wing end)

This strainer is designed to be used as an in-cup or in-teapot strainer.
It will fine-filter steeped tea being steeped in a teapot or teacup so that you can use the same vessel to both steep and serve without the need to decant the liquid tea from the steeping teapot into another teapot or pitcher. Rather than pouring the steeped liquid off the leaves, one can remove the leaves from the steeped liquid. This is particularly helpful when steeping tea leaves that will be re-steeped such as green tea, oolong, and Pu-erh. You can just replace the strainer with the leaves inside back into the teapot or cup and pour more water over the leaf to steep the second (or third, etc) quantity.