Glacial Moraine Matcha Bowl

Glacial Moraine Matcha Bowl #2


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2.8″ tall
4.5″ wide
Made in Japan


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This distinctive black semi-gloss glazed matcha bowl is an artistic representation of an interesting geological phenomenon known as a moraine.  As glaciers move across a landscape, they can pick up, move and redeposit large amounts of rock and soil.  This redeposited material is called a moraine.   The spotty black glaze and slightly textured surface of this tea bowl represent the moraine while the whisps of white glaze depict the receding glaciers.  This is a dramatic coloration for a chawan and the foamy green of the whisked matcha tea is exquisite against this dark background color.

***Customers who purchased this bowl prior to 10/2020 under the name ‘Glacial Moraine Matcha Bowl’, please note that the design has changed.  The updated version is less textured, slightly shorter and has more of an oil-spot appearance to the glazing.  The photographs are all of the new current version***

NOTE: Each of these matcha bowls features this glaze in the colors shown.  Bear in mind that each individual tea bowl will be its own unique expression of this glaze/color palette.