Assam Hamukjan black tea

Assam Hamukjan Tea Estate


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Black tea


Assam Hamukjan Tea Estate


Grade: Orthodox manufacture – TGFOP1
Oxidation: fully-oxidized


Appearance: the smallest leaf of our new autumnal Assam black teas, with a slender twist & little contrasting tip
Flavor: full-bodied, malty, toast/biscuit flavor
Aroma: light, clean aroma with hints of toast
Liquor: dark, copper-amber color


Assam State, India

non-Vintage Autumnal Pluck (October, November)

Use 1 Tablespoon (2-3 grams) per 6 oz water
Steep 1 infusion at 2 – 3 minutes.
Water temperature should be 195°F-205°F


We also enjoy this tea when steeped a full four minutes.


Steeped this length of time, it takes on the character of a dark Yunnan dian hong or even smooth, full-city roast coffee: full-bodied and slightly cocoa-y with depth of flavor and no bitterness. Add a dollop of lightly-whipped cream and it is dessert!

This tea is one of our three delicious new Autumnal Assam black teas. We are very excited that we have these rich and hearty, orthodox-style-leaf Assam black teas for those of you who prefer a strong, malty cup and also prefer the leaf to be orthodox (a.k.a. ‘full leaf’, or ‘whole leaf’ in manufacture).

We here at Tea Trekker are particularly fond of large-leaf, orthodox Assam teas, and our new Hamukjan Tea Estate black tea is a great example of this style of tea manufacture. This non-vintage Autumnal Flush Assam is similar in overall size to several of our historically favorite large-leaf Assam black teas; and seems to be the size that is preferred by so many of our Assam tea drinkers.

Tea Trekker’s Assam Hamukjan black tea is malty in flavor, and has a classic biscuit (or toast) flavor in the cup. This tea is comprised of large, irregular, slightly curled leaves that have been given a slight twist, and are highlighted with a minor amount of contrasting tip. The leaf is not particularly distinguished-looking in its dry form but takes on a beautiful oxblood color and distinctive, inspired look when steeped.

Hamukjan Tea Estate black tea’s tea liquor is a dark, copper-amber color and does not sparkle in the cup; it is a serious, bold tea. The overall flavor is deep, rich, full-bodied, and less astringent than our two other new Autumnal flush Assam teas. There is only a very slight astringency to the cup so this is best used as a self-drinker (no milk or sweetener). The aroma is light and clean, but offers an elusive but noticeable, intriguing biscuit (burnt toast) character.

– Please see the Steeping Instructions accordion for our suggestions for steeping –

Hamukjan Tea Estate is what is known as a ‘small-holder grower’, part of the Small Grower movement in Upper Assam. These gardens manufacture tea in the most traditional ways, without the use of chemicals and with only minimal mechanical processing. Similar to the tea-growing methodology in Yunnan Province in southwest China, their full-leaf teas are spectacular!