Ice-Melted Gyokuro, Matcha, and Sencha Preparation

This is such a delicious and refreshing way to drink high-quality Japanese green teas such as Sencha or Gyokuro and also an interesting variation on the use of powdered teas such as Matcha and our Tea Trekker’s Powdered Sencha. It is easy and well worth the wait. You will be amazed at how rich and ultra-smooth tea steeped this way is, and it is fun to do.

  1. Put 1.5 tablespoons of Sencha or Gyokuro tea leaves into a small 9 ounce capacity Japanese-style Kyusu teapot (such as Tokoname) or another appropriately-sized vessel. If you are using powdered tea use 2 or 3 measures from your Chasaku (bamboo matcha scoop).
  2. Fill the teapot with small pieces of ice.
  3. Set the teapot aside and allow the ice to melt at room temperature.
  4. When the ice has thawed, your tea is ready to drink.
  5. Pour the tea into a small pitcher. Swirl the tea in the pitcher, then serve it in small porcelain or glass teacups. Enjoy!

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