New Tea and Teawares

The 1st of our 2014 Spring Teas have arrived along with some new teacups and teapots

2014 Spring Tea


New Teawares


2013 Nepal Tea

Organic black & oolong tea from the Himalaya:

Nepal Everest Dark Heart Tippy

Nepal High Himalaya
Hand-Rolled Tips

Nepal High Himalaya
Jade Oolong

Traditional Tea versus Commodity Tea

Our tea is exceptional. We sell traditionally-made teas that are crafted by experienced tea artisans. Not commodity tea grown by big business.

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Seasonal Tea

Seasonal teas are made just once-a-year for several days to a few short weeks. These teas will not be made again until the same time the following year.

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Gorgeous, shapely, sleek, brooding, smooth, textured, humble, carved, masculine, beguiling, lady-like, or bold.
All by a pottery master's hand.
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Chinese Teawares

Japanese Teawares

Photo Gallery

Photos taken by Mary Lou and Robert J. Heiss on their tea sourcing trips to Asia

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