Teawares from China

In addition to tea making, China has a long history of producing splendid teawares in a variety of materials - smooth, elegant porcelain; cool and soft-to-the-eye celadon; and unglazed clay in natural, earthy tones. Sometimes draped with rich glaze colors and sensuous shapes, such elegant teawares have always been the envy of the world.

Although tea steeping methods changed over time with the preference of successive emperor, most tea steeping methods, as well as the styles of teawares, are still used today. It is not uncommon to see teapots in China's vast museums that are hundreds of years old, and yet the forms and shapes of some of these teapots are still being made today.

Contemporary Chinese ceramic artists are defining their own styles of tea vessels while also paying respect to the beauty, elegance and functionality of traditional teawares.

Our selection of authentic Chinese drinking cups, Yixing clay teapots and thin-walled bone china gaiwans are all imported by us from China.  

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