Yin Zhen

White Tea
Fujian Province, China
Silver Needles

2014 Pre-Qing Ming
Yin Zhen white tea
Yin Zhen white teaYin Zhen white tea detail
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  • White tea
  • Fujian Province, China
  • Air-dried, slightly oxidized
  • Extra-large spear-shaped buds
  • Sweet, full-bodied, lush flavor
  • Fresh ‘black tea’ aroma
  • Pale liquor tinged silver

Steeping Instructions:

Use 1.25 Tablespoons (2-3 grams) per 6 oz of water
Steep 2-3 infusions at 2 minutes each.
Water temperature should be 160° - 170° F

Yin Zhen white tea
Yin Zhen white tea
Yin Zhen white tea detail

The 2014 Yin Zhen was late to harvest this spring due to the weather, but at last we have it safe and sound in our warehouse. Patience does indeed pay off.

The 2014 Yin Zhen has the precise, concentrated flavor that we like to taste in a white tea. Because white tea by definition must derive completely from the pre-Qing Ming pluck, it is very reliant on the season's weather conditions for its volume and flavor.

Yin Zhen is distinctive in taste and appearance. No other tea looks or tastes the same as authentic Fujian Province Yin Zhen. Consisting of only the unopened buds of the first flush of tea in the spring, these buds have a characteristic silver hue and white down.

Silver Needles ( the transliteration of Yin Zhen ) is the name given to traditional, authentic white tea. Yin Zhen should be manufactured only from the Big Sprout or Big White sub-varieties of Camellia sinensis sinensis ( China bush ) and made only in Fujian Province, China. Yin Zhen is a magnificent tea, a tea of history and reputation. This tea is able to be made only for a short period every spring, and the success of its harvest is weather and bud-yield dependent.

Bob prefers to drink his Yin Zhen in the Chinese-style after it  has 'rested' and matured for several  months (or even years); while Mary Lou enjoys Yin Zhen in its youth, because she likes the vibrancy and bright, vegetal flavor of a recently-harvested Yin Zhen. The flavor is subtle and very dependent on the level of oxidation that the tea has developed at whatever point it is that you drink it. Very soon after manufacture the leaf will have only 3-4% oxidation and be very fresh and full of bright but subtle flavor. After many months the leaf will inevitably oxidize - and so the flavor will adjust to become smoother and more full-bodied, with a depth of flavor that will be reminiscent of a mild black tea.

However and whenever you choose to drink a newly-harvested 2014 manufacture of Yin Zhen; it will make you smile. You can drink it right away, and enjoy its simple, bright flavor notes; or if you choose to wait a few months before drinking this season's - the 2014 Yin Zhen ( so that it has some resting under its belt ) we believe you will find that the richness and mellowness of this tea will develop and become quite complex.

One of the highlights of our trip to Fujian Province several years ago was seeing White tea production and tasting the special grades from that year’s harvest. This tea brings those memories right back into the forefront of our mind's eye.

Steep with cool water and infuse the buds several times for a short amount of time.

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