Dragon Whiskers

Green Tea
Wu Yi County, Zhejiang Province, China
Mao Jian Pluck

2015 Yu Qian
Before the Rains Harvesting Season
(April 5th - April 20th)
Dragon Whiskers green tea
Dragon Whiskers green teaDragon Whiskers green tea
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  • Green tea
  • Wu Yi County, Sui Chang
  • Zhejiang Province, China
  • Mao Jian pluck - the bud and one leaf
  • Pan-fired, hand rolled
  • Open-twisted, curled style
  • Sweet, fresh flavor
  • Lively, lingering aroma
  • Pale amber-colored liquor

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Steeping Instructions:

Use 2 teaspoons (2-3 grams) per 6 oz of water
Steep 2-3 infusions at 2 minutes each.
Water temperature should be 170° - 180° F

Dragon Whiskers green tea
Dragon Whiskers green tea
Dragon Whiskers green tea

This is a lovely, very well-made country green tea that is modest in price but long on flavor. It is back this year by popular demand as a Tea Trekker customer favorite. Good news.....we were able to obtain a very tasty batch that is a higher grade ( with slightly fuller, juicier leaves) than what we had last year. We have purchased more of this tea as we expect word-of-mouth about the goodness and value of this tea to spread.

We were introduced to this tea at the Fang Cun tea market in Guangzhou some years ago and ordered it immediately. Sweet, refreshing and readily drinkable, this tea  become the everyday tea for many of our customers. Dragon Whiskers is made from Longjing varietal tea bushes that are grown not for production of Longing ( this is not the Longjing production zone) but for making this delicious regional tea.

This mao jian pluck – the bud and one leaf -  is very elegant in appearance which makes for an easy-to-measure leaf that yields a very tasty cup with good clarity and sweet spring aroma. It has a rich, full-bodied flavor in the cup to satisfy Western tea drinkers, yet has enough of the sweetness of early spring tea to make it truly special.

Easy to steep, this tea is pretty forgiving about water temperature and steep time. This is not to suggest that attention should not be paid to steeping parameters, but that it is a more 'tolerant' tea than some others in the teapot.


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