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Yixing Tea Storage Container


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Produced in Yixing city
Jiangsu Province, China
Unglazed Yixing clay
5″ tall (to top of lid)
6.25″ diameter (at widest part)
4.3″ diameter opening

These gorgeous Yixing tea jars are made for us from this famous clay in one of the kilns of Yixing city. The clay is smooth and is lovely in color. The jar has been burnished to a soft luster and the simple, geometric style is fresh and contemporary.  It reminds us a little bit of the shape of some of the Buddhist stupas that we have seen in Tibet The diameter of the jar opening is generous enough to get one’s hand in there to fill or refill the container. And, this tea jar, unlike most we see, will hold the longest leaf tea that you may wish to store in it.

Many Chinese tea storage jars are small and the idea is that tea drinkers have a collection of them for individual teas. Rather than take that approach, we asked for this jar to be made larger than usual as we wanted it to be able to comfortably hold whatever tea the owner wanted to put in it.