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Yixing Ping Gai Lan Zi Teapot


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Made in towns surrounding Yixing city, Jiangsu Province, China
Unglazed clay
Artist: Wang De Ming
Clay: Da Hong Pao
Strainer type: 7-hole strainer
Best for steeping: green-style semiball-rolled oolongs such as Tieguanyin and Tung Ting, dark strip style oolong such as yan cha and Pu-erh
Height: 2.75″ tall (to top of lid)
Functional capacity: 4 oz capacity
We wrap each teapot in a silk or batik teapot wrapping cloth for home storage in-between uses

This form of Yixing teapot is called Ping Gai Lan Zi (flat lid lotus pod). The clay is very fine and the surface is smooth and uniform from the careful burnishing that the surfaces have been given. The spout of the teapot sits at attention, ready to pour tea at a monents notice.

The overall feeling conveyed by this teapot is one of quiet elegance. The clay in this teapot – Da Hong Pao clay – is not easy to find today. It was a popular and highly regarded clay during the Qing dynasty, but today reserves of this clay are low.

Da Hong Pao clay has high density and and a large percentage of iron oxide which gives the pots a distinctive crimson color after kiln firing. This clay will take on an exceptionally rich tone as the teapot is used and brushed with water during use.

Please Note: This is a handmade item – slight variations in the painting, colors, tooling, patterning and kiln effects of Chinese and Japanese teawares are to be expected. We have carefully photographed this item as best as possible – please be aware that different device screens can render colors and subtle tones slightly differently.

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