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Grey & White Brushstroke Matcha Bowl


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Kiyomizuyaki Pottery
Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
3″ tall
4.75″ wide
Packaged in a paper box


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This classically elegant chawan features a lovely, centuries old technique known as Hakeme.  This technique is descended from the traditional Korean decorative style called Gye Yal.  To create this design, the potter traditionally uses a stiff, dry brush (often made of straw) to apply white slip over a darker colored vessel, paying careful attention to the meticulous brushwork necessary, and allowing some of the dark glaze to peek through the white slip.  This results in a lovely swirled effect which compliments the bowl’s curvature.

The variations in the thickness of the white glaze created by the deep brushstrokes also give the surface of the bowl a nice, subtle textured feel.  The potter has left the foot unglazed, exposing the bowl’s rich redish-brown clay and adding a pleasant splash of color to the design.

While classically a ‘summer bowl’ in shape, this chawan can, of course, be used year round if you love its wonderful shape and glazing. Its appearance is stunning with the contrast of the matcha green inside the bowl.

Each of these matcha bowls features this glaze in the colors shown.  Bear in mind that each individual tea bowl will be its own unique expression of this glaze/color palette.