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Tung Ting Frozen Summit Winter Pluck


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Oolong Tea


Tung Ting Frozen Summit
Winter Pluck
(also known as: Dong Ding oolong)


Super Premium / Hand-Plucked


Style/Shape: semiball-rolled style with some attached stem
Plucking Style: hand-plucked
Oxidation: 20% oxidation
Roasting: very light roasting in an electric roaster


Appearance: semiball-rolled style in a pleasing blend of dark green and brown tones
Flavor: smooth, clean flavor of honey and a touch of sweet melon
Aroma: Balanced light gardenia with a little spice
Liquor: Clear straw colored liquor tinged with a bit of amber


Lugu Township,
Nantou County, Taiwan
Elevation: 2,200 feet elevation

2020 Winter Pluck
(late October & early November)

Western-style steeping in a medium-large teapot 25-32 ounces:


Use 2 teaspoons (2-3 grams) of tea for each 6 oz water
Rinse the tea in your teapot with a quick application of hot water
Immediately discard this liquid
Add additional hot water to start the 1st steeping
Re-steep 3 additional times (or more!) for 2 minutes each
Water temperature should be 180°F-190°F


Asian-style steeping in a small teapot under 10 oz or in a gaiwan:


Use 4 teaspoons (4-6 grams) of tea for each 5-6 oz water
Rinse the tea in your tea vessel with a quick application of hot water
Immediately discard this liquid
Add additional hot water to start the 1st steeping
Re-steep 6-8 additional times (or more!) for 35 seconds to 1 minute each
Water temperature should be 180°F-190°F



Oolongs are traditionally ‘rinsed’ before being steeped.
This is done with a quick application of hot water that is poured over the tea in the gaiwan or teapot and then immediately discarded. The rinse water is not drunk – its purpose is to help the leaves begin to open during steeping.
Use additional appropriately-heated water for the 1st steeping and subsequent re-steepings.




Oolongs exemplify the concept that some teas can be re-steeped multiple times and yield an incredible volume of drinkable tea. This practice works best when the leaf is steeped in a small vessel, but it also work somewhat well using a large teapot. Please refer to our steeping instructions for details.

Tung Ting is perhaps Taiwan’s most beloved semiball-rolled style oolong. Its mild, sweet fragrance and rich, creamy body make it a perennial favorite with tea drinkers who prefer it over the more austere style of many of the other classic Taiwan oolongs, such as the high mountain gao shan .

Known as Dong Ding oolong in Taiwan, Tung Ting is the internationally-recognized transliterated name into English, and how we here at Tea Trekker refer to this most beloved and famous Taiwanese semiball-rolled style oolong. Our Chinese friends love it the best of all the semiball-rolled style Taiwan oolongs because it is so buttery on the tongue.

The rich, creamy body and the subtle undertones of honey and nectar make it a perennial favorite of tea drinkers who prefer its buttery, easy-to-drink qualities in the cup. Our Tung Ting is a very elegant tea – our tea maker is a 5th generation Tea Master who pays attention to many small details when making his tea. We appreciate his dedicated approach, as the goodness of his tea reflects the care and precision of his actions and decisions.

The original tea gardens in the Tung Ting area were started in the 1800’s from tea bush cuttings brought to the Nantou area from Fujian Province, China. Until recent decades, these were the highest elevation tea gardens in Taiwan.

But since the 1950’s and especially the 1970’s when the higher-elevation tea gardens were planted at Ali Shan, Li Shan, and Shan Lin Xi, the Tung Ting harvesting area no longer qualifies as an official high mountain tea (gao shan) because of its relatively lower elevation. Despite Tung Ting’s basically very high altitude, mid-level mountain elevation, there are both higher and lower tea harvesting areas which supply plenty of variation in flavor, sweetness and butteriness for Tung Ting devotees.

Tung Ting is an important and historic tea. We include it in our gao shan listing because it is a semiball-rolled, green-style oolong that is manufactured in the same style as the gao shans.

Tung Ting is a little more fruity than it is floral – the flavor of this winter tea is suggestive of ripe melon and honey. Try it for yourself and see how utterly delicious our Tung Ting is. This tea fills the mouth with rich, buttery, sweet and fresh flavor. A high percentage of amino acids give the tea a nice, chewy mouth feel. The fragrance is a little spicy combined with a touch of floral gardenia. For many Taiwan tea enthusiasts, Tung Ting is their oolong of choice every day, any time of day.


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