Tokoname Trailing Flowers Yohen Teapot


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Made in Tokoname, Japan
Unglazed clay
Infuser: Obi-ami style stainless steel mesh filter
Packaging: Paper box
Height: 3.25″ (to top of lid)
Functional Capacity: 6 oz / 177 ml


Tokoname has been a center of ceramic production since the 12th century and is, along with the kilns at Seto, Shigaraki, Echizen, Tanba, and Bizen, one of the oldest pottery production sites in Japan. Fortunately for those of us who are clay collectors, many pottery artisans in Tokoname have been honing their skills from a young age, and have now matured into their role as a clay master.


Tokoname clay is instantly recognizable for its thin body and smooth surfaces, as well as the hardness of the clay. Today, some artists are blending-in a small proportion of other ‘secret ingredient’ clay from protected sources, or adding grit to the clay to achieve a different appearance in some of their teaware. But all of these teawares resonate as Tokoname because of the spirit of the potters and that the overall style of Tokoname prevails.


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This is another of Tea Trekker’s more contemporary selections for winter 2017-2018. This teapot has a very unusual shape – it is almost a bean-pot! However, it is the perfect shape for the type of filter device that it has, one that is becoming more and more popular in modern-day Japan, because it effectively eliminates the sediment in the cup and also reduces the price because the potter does not need to fabricate any of the elaborate ‘cage’ devices that are traditionally affixed to the junction of the spout and the body of the teapot.

We love the whimsical beauty that this teapot exudes – if you are the person being served tea you might think that the teapot is totally classic and a simple design of red clay. It would only be possible to catch a glimpse of the wonderful cascade of flowers that fall from the cover and reach for the base on the server’s side of the teapot. However, viewed from that side, the red clay becomes a highlight color and the cascade of flowers is the focal point. The yohen effect is quite dramatic and wonderful.

What a lovely teapot to admire from so many vantage points over the years as one uses it to steep many different pots of wonderful tea.

NOTE: The obi-ami style stainless steel screen filter surrounds the interior of the pot and is perfect for filtering out the fine particles of all types of steeped tea. This mesh surround is visible in one of the images we show of this teapot. Teapots with obi-ami style filters also have a smooth and fast pour.


Please Note: Slight variations in the painting, colors, tooling, patterning and kiln effects of Chinese and Japanese teawares are to be expected. We have carefully photographed this item as best as possible – please be aware that different device screens can render colors and subtle tones slightly differently.

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