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Matcha Whisk #3


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Black Bamboo
40-45 bamboo tines
6″ long
Made in China


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As the trend for drinking Matcha in a more casual way continues to appeal to more and more tea enthusiasts, a long, narrow whisk is an essential tool. Traditional whisks, sized to fit into wide, low Matcha bowls, are simply too large to fit into everyday-sized tea cups.

While many still wish to experience drinking matcha from a wide Matcha bowl (chawan), many people-on-the-go want to make and drink Matcha everyday in a more casual way in everyday tea cups without a lot of fuss. This long, narrow Matcha whisk does the trick with most tall tea cups that are in the 5-6 ounce+ size.

This is also perfect for whisking powdered sencha (which is popular in Japan) and other less-expensive, ground green teas.

The little extra piece is a rest to lean your whisk against before, after and during use (to keep the delicate bamboo tines from collapsing). The rest will slip over the handle for travel ( remember to protect the tines when you transport your whisk).