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Made in China, 8 oz capacity
3.25″ tall
Heat-proof glass

Glass pouring pitchers are a Chinese tea steeping/pouring essential. One can pour tea from a gaiwan or Yixing teapot into a glass pitcher and then pour the tea into individual teacups. Pouring tea this way means that everyone’s tea will be mixed and dispensed ‘fairly’ (and not from just the top layer or the bottom layer of tea in the teapot/gaiwan). Glass pitchers also make it possible for you and your guests to see the color of the steeped tea, which, as one can see in our photograph, can vary quite a bit in color. Admiring the color of the steeped tea before it is dosed into drinking cups adds to the enjoyment of the drink and an appreciation of the color of the steeped leaf versus the dry leaf.