Decaf Sumatra


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12 bags
12oz each

Brewing Instructions:

Use 1 level standard coffee measure of coffee (2 tablespoons) for every 6 ounces of water used in the brewing process.


Decaf Sumatra is full-bodied & creamy. Sumatra coffee is one of the few varietal coffees that has enough inherent body to withstand the leaching process of decaffeination and still retain body – that mouth-feel that is so important to coffee lovers who drink their coffee black or who want their personal combination to be full-bodied .

Our coffee grinds:

Whole Bean – not ground
Ground Medium – for french-press or percolator
Ground Fine –  for coffeemakers that use paper filters and many that use permanent filters.
Ground Espresso – for espresso machines and stovetop espresso pots.
Ground Custom – I have a custom grind on file with Tea Trekker