Sale Tea

Tea enthusiasts should check Tea Trekker’s Sale Tea page regularly as this is a good opportunity for those looking to purchase delicious tea at a reduced price. Our Sale Tea page features tea from our inventory that is:

-still drinking well but is in the latter part of its season and needs to be drunk reasonably soon;
-tea that we simply have too much of;
-a tea that is being ‘bumped’ by the more current season’s offering (which in some cases is an opportunity to get a jump on aging!);
-or occasionally a special purchase tea.

All teas listed on the Sale Tea page represent great value and are designed to be enjoyed by the purchaser. Sale Teas are clearly labeled as such, so these are not appropriate as gift purchases.

We discount sale teas primarily at the 4 oz and 8 oz quantities as available (or in original pack size for those few teas that we do not pack here). We will occasionally offer a sale tea in the 2 oz size when that tea is moderately ‘expensive’ or if there is only a small amount of it remaining in inventory.

If you want a larger size than is showing, ex: 12 oz, 16 oz, or more of a sale tea and there is only a listing for the smaller sizes, do try ordering multiples of a smaller size in order to purchase the quantity that you ultimately want.

(a further note on this: because there is a limited quantity of these teas, we have controls activated on the sale inventory. So if you try ordering say, four 4oz packages of a tea in order to purchase one pound of it, and the cart gives you an error message that there isn’t enough inventory for that purchase, then try purchasing three 4oz packages etc until it allows the sale and the tea is depleted.)

Note: purchases of Sale tea are a FINAL sale.